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go outside and play with balloons. tell me it won’t make you smile. seriously. 
Art enables to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time - Thomas Merton
Mischief Managed. 
Thanks to a new friend, I was able to mark one item off my bucket list…
Carter is the amazingly cute and bright child of some friends of mine. I learn a lot from kids every single day…
Take a minute to look beyond the surface to discover the beauty that is waiting to burst forth from within…
Nerdy and Lovely enjoy a leisurely night out bowling. Lovely was a clear winner in this particular round. 
Nerdy has been on a hiatus of sorts, but hoping to be back on a more regular basis…

Happy 4th of July from Nerdy and Lucky! 

Nerdy stumbled upon a beach wedding….
Wouldn’t life be boring otherwise?
Life is a delicate balance. Maintaining this balance can be difficult at times, but easier with the help of friends and family.